Our Vision

Revolutionizing corporate learning to be fast, fun, and effective by putting learners first, and maximizing the Training ROI.

Our Mission

MaxLearn aims to become a global leader in corporate training by using proven learning strategies, innovative technology, AI and data analytics.

Our Leadership

We are a team of passionate professionals who come with over three decades of experience in corporate training and digital learning. Working in a team, we push ourselves to set new boundaries and design the best products and solutions for our customers.

Murali Krishna Muppalla

Founder & CEO

Murali Krishna Muppalla is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MaxLearn LLC, and he has brought his varied and rich experience in the field of L&D to develop a microlearning platform that helps companies to design training faster and deliver in a fun way anywhere and on any device, and effectively use learning analytics to improve training. Since its inception, he has been responsible for giving strategic direction to MaxLearn and leading the company to become a global leader in corporate learning.

Jeff Hrusko

Chief Product Officer

MaxLearn came about as a passion project during the long days of the pandemic. Jeff has long been fascinated with the potential and effectiveness of micro-learning. Still, he was disappointed that no single platform combined micro-learning with established best practices, such as adaptive learning, spaced repetition, and gamification techniques.

Jeff worked with individuals who would later become the founders of MaxLearn, as well as other professionals, to create a solution that enables the rapid design and delivery of training courses that are engaging and effectively measure learning growth. Throughout the process, Jeff collaborated with Learning leaders, UI/UX creators, and programmers to build the world-class solution that MaxLearn offers today.

Jeff Hrusko is a proven and passionate learning development leader with over 25 years of experience providing innovative learning solutions to a host of companies across various industries. Jeff was previously the Director of Compliance Education at Prudential Financial, a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, and a founder of a highly successful boutique learning and development company. Jeff has worked with Fortune 500 companies, such as American Express, Chevron, Comcast, and Intel; companies, such as W.L. Gore and MillerCoors; and governmental organizations, such as the U.S. Army and Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation.

Throughout his career, Jeff’s guiding principle is to provide learners with the knowledge they need in the manner and timing that suits them best. Jeff and along with other learning leaders, have applied their real-world experience, effective instructional strategies, and proven best practices to create MaxLearn, a product that embodies his philosophy.

Dr. Howard B. Lewis

Chief Advisor

MaxLearn is excited to announce that Dr. Howard B. Lewis has joined the team as Chief Advisor. Dr. Howard B. Lewis is a highly respected figure in the ever-changing landscape of corporate training and education. With over four decades of experience, he has made significant contributions to various corporate training initiatives, working with industry giants such as Health Net, Xerox Corporation, Apple Computer, and RTC.

As the Founder, President, and Chief Learning Architect of Integrated Performance Solutions, Dr. Lewis has played a significant role in developing over 3,000 tailored training solutions that cater to the unique needs of the corporate world. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of areas, from creating eLearning and microlearning modules to designing mobile and multi-lingual courseware.

Dr. Lewis has an impressive academic portfolio, including degrees from prestigious institutions like the University of Southern California, West Virginia University, and Colorado State University. Besides his corporate endeavors, Dr. Lewis is also an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University, where he has enriched the lives of the next generation of professionals.

As Chief Advisor for MaxLearn Dr. Lewis’ vast expertise will be used to rev

R.K. Prasad

Chief Advisor

A visionary leader, RK loves to formulate strategies and mentor employees. An entrepreneur with more than 35 years’ experience in Sales, Corporate training, and eLearning, he has dabbled in many different domains and industries, and is the CEO & Co-Founder of CommLab India. He thrives on challenges and has many successes to his credit.

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