25 Interesting facts about microlearning

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Reinvent Compliance Training – Using Microlearning With A Risk-Specific Approach

Are you struggling to find ways to train your employees without keeping them away from the work? Have you ever given thought to using microlearning? Do you doubt the effectiveness of microlearning?

Here are 25 facts that can clear your doubts regarding the effectiveness of microlearning –

  1. Microlearning is 17 percent more efficient than traditional, longer-duration courses (Source: Journal of Applied Psychology)
  2. Microlearning can decrease development costs by 50%. (Source: Ray Jimenez, learning architect, Ph.D. in his book 3-minute eLearning)
  3. Microlearning is developed 300% fast as compared to traditional learning (Source: Ray Jimenez, learning architect, Ph.D. in his book 3-minute eLearning)
  4. 65% of e-learners say that the typical e-learning module presents too much information (Source: Rapid Learning Institute)
  5. If the content were broken up into multiple, short lessons, 58% of employees would be more likely to use their company’s online learning tools (Source: Software Advice)
  6. “Best in class” organizations are 60% more likely than all others to consider microlearning to be effective for employee development (The Aberdeen Group)
  7. The improvement that microlearning has in the retention of information over traditional training is 22% (Dresden university study)
  8. People who learn through microlearning techniques answered questions 28% faster (Dresden university study)
  9. Attention spans have dropped to eight seconds, shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years (Study by Microsoft)
  10. By doing bite-size learning, it is 17% more efficient to transfer knowledge from the classroom to the desk (Journal of applied psychology)
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  12. 81% of 228 surveyed organizations use microlearning to reinforce or supplement formal training (ATD research)
  13. 94% said that e-learners prefer short-form modules of 10 minutes or less for soft-skills training (ATD survey)
  14. 70% of companies said they plan to spend more on technology-based learning next year (ATD survey)
  15. According to RPS research, Microlearning improves focus and supports long-term retention by up to 80%
  16. According to the findings of a survey, a whopping 94% said that they prefer microlearning to traditional time-consuming eLearning courses because their learners prefer it (Boyette, 2012)
  17. 50% of the 385 employees who took part in the survey indicated that they would use their company’s learning tools more on their own LMS if the courses were shorter (Software Advice)
  18. Learning in stretches of 3-7 minutes matches the working memory capacity and attention spans of humans (University of California-Irvine)
  19. Learners from fined-grained modules(microlearning) performed 22.2% better than the traditional learning module group (2015 research at Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
  20. Microlearning learners take 28% less time to answer their assessment questions than the traditional learning module group(2015 research at Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
  21. Learners in the traditional learning module group had to re-read more than 3x the number of sections that the fine-grained group did (2015 research at Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
  22. Short content may increase information retention by 20% (2015 research at Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
  23. The Microlearning Market size was estimated at USD 1.59 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 4.04 Billion by 2028 (Source: verifiedmarketresearch)
  24. Microlearning industry is growing at a CAGR of12.34% from 2021-2028 (Source: verifiedmarketresearch)
  25. 48% of learners use a mobile device to complete their microlearning module (Source: Software advice)
  26. On average employees have only about 1% of their work time to devote to professional development — about 4.8 minutes per day in a normal workweek (Deloitte)

These are some of the amazing microlearning facts. Are you ready to give it (microlearning) a spin

“Learning never exhausts the mind,” is a reality when learning programs provide worthwhile and useful content to learners. Microlearning assists in minimizing cognitive overload by providing content in short, digestible bursts, facilitating the long-term embedment of important information in the memories of learners.”-Leonardo da Vinci”

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