MaxLearn’s Microlearning For Compliance Training: Protecting & Building a Brand’s Reputation

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Upholding Compliance standards acts as a shield, protecting your brand’s image untarnished!

Managing compliance has become increasingly difficult for businesses as they grapple with changing regulations, consumer laws, and the globalized nature of their workforce.

When team members overlook crucial regulations/guidelines in critical Compliance situations and neglect essential protocols, it can result in non-compliance incidents that pose a significant risk to the business, putting senior management in a tough spot.

The result?

  • Reactive damage control takes precedence over other business imperatives.
  • Fear of Non-compliance gives rise to an excess of Compliance training drives.
  • Sadly, training initiatives stress more on the ‘adverse implications/consequences of Non-compliance’ rather than focussing on the individual learner.
  • One-size-fits-all Compliance trainings are rolled-out periodically that tend to be boring, and are easily forgotten.

Fortunately, microlearning holds the key to taking away the pain of Non-compliance! The MaxLearn Method of Microlearning gives you a platform that makes your job of rolling out the Compliance training snippets easy!

In this article, let’s briefly touch upon
the effect of non-compliance,
(2) How microlearning protects a brand’s reputation,
(3) How it
takes away the worries of the top management on Compliance issues,
(4) How microlearning empowers your workforce,
how ‘risk-based Compliance training is possible with microlearning,
6) a checklist of Compliance training using Microlearning, and
(7) a glimpse of the
MaxLearn Method of microlearning.

Non-Compliance: The Effect

Non-compliance by your workforce causing disruption to business operations can be very painful!

The pain of Non-compliance includes:

  • Damage to brand reputation
  • Workplace discrimination & employment issues including serious & non-fatal injuries
  • Unwanted audit surprises
  • Investigations, fines, criminal charges
  • Business disruption, suspension of operations
  • Inability to honor contractual obligations, timelines & commitments 
  • Delays and discomfort of implementing mandates & changes imposed by the regulators
  • Loss of productivity & morale
  • People attrition and talent loss
  • Challenges of additional/adhoc training drives
  • Problem of manual processes like reporting Compliance certifications
  • Training challenges like conceptualizing, planning, launching and monitoring of training

The good news is that microlearning comes as a solid panacea to all these pains. 

How Microlearning Helps Protect, Sustain & Build Your Brand’s Reputation

Reputation and brand image is everything!

The top 3 benefits of embracing microlearning include:

  1. Better equipped workforce: Ability to deal with potential Compliance situations.
  2. An ‘audit ready’ organisation on Compliance issues.
  3. A worry-free top management with microlearning working as a robust safeguard against Non-compliance.

The Big Benefit of Microlearning: Top Management Breathes Easy

Microlearning helps release top management’s bandwidth for business imperatives. Microlearning makes your Compliance management approach well-aligned to your workforce.

This gives the top bosses high confidence on their Compliance readiness. Plus, with negligible Compliance issues haunting them, the top management gets more time think about generation of revenue and business-growth!

With a robust microlearning initiative in place, the constantly changing Compliance, Legal & HR rules and regulations are no longer a worry for them!

It’s a massive relief for the top management if the business is always fully prepared not only for a regulatory check/audit but also to ensure compliance with all mandatory rules and regulations.

Microlearning enables this Compliance readiness by continually upskilling every employee just-right and just-in-time!

How Microlearning Builds Workforce Competencies

Embracing microlearning is like proactively putting a Compliance training strategy in place! With microlearning, the unpredictable employee misses and omissions are shot down with a sniper’s precision.

Microlearning reinforces, augments and supplements your long and tedious Compliance trainings. These short bites help build memory, recall and application skills of Compliance regulations/knowledge in your learners.

Plus, with a robust microlearning platform, you get good analytics capabilities. It gives a clear picture of how your learners are progressing on their learning goals.

With microlearning, you can micro-target the Compliance training needs of each employee, and create relevant microlearning lessons. Relevant training happens when content is mapped to each learner’s job-role, tenure and department.

Your learners get relevant, just-in-time snippets making them qualified and trained for jobs.

Microlearning uses spaced-repetition, quizzes/tests to ensure that the analytics is used to keep an on-going watch on each employee’s ‘forgetfulness’ factor, and repeating Key Learning points  just when they are about to be forgotten using spaced repetition and retrieval practice’.

The fear of non-compliance is replaced with confidence of compliance adherence.

Risk-based Microlearning: Tailor-made for Each Learner

compliance training

Compliance training must be risk-based for each learner.
By being risk-based in your Compliance training, you determine the training needs for every role, understand the risks associated with tasks, and manage them for each learner through microlearning. Risk-based microlearning stems out of rethinking Compliance.

To put it simply, Compliance training must be easy-to-understand for a learner, relevant for a learner, and enable a learner on ‘how to identify, assess and respond to a Compliance situation when it arises 

When employees are provided with microlearning having an individualised risk-specific approach, your business’s safety resilience get enhanced to a high standard.

All you need to get risk-based microlearning right is a right microlearning strategy backed by a robust microlearning platform.

Risk-specific training gives you personalized microlearning solutions depending on each learner’s role. A good microlearning platform has technology-enabled capabilities to give you that.

A good microlearning platform enables you to make lessons based on your Compliance risk assignment. It gives you capabilities to create lessons that are goal-driven. It also has lesson-assignment capabilities where learners get exposure to content that’s relevant and right for each one i.e. adaptive microlearning.

A good microlearning platform makes the trainer’s job easy with AI-powered content generation capabilities. A platform that can produce a robust risk-specific compliance training program in a fraction of the time and rolls out updates on the go. Plus, with a significantly lower cost!

For sustainable results, microlearning must become an on-going effort that keeps your learners happily enabled, involved and engaged! 

Checklist for Compliance Training Success: The Specifics

  1. Have a clear microlearning strategy.
  2. Conduct risk assessment exercise to plan your microlearning initiatives.
  3. Acquire a robust microlearning platform that works well for you.
  4. Create microlearning maps for each lesson, and arrive at the ‘Key Learning Points’ for each lesson. An AI powered authoring tool will assist in effortless content creation by providing instant first drafts.
  5. Get into the production rigor to create your microlearning asset, be it a video, podcast, infographic etc. based on your microlearning map.
  6. Launch your lessons, and use analytics capabilities of your microlearning platform to monitor progress at an individual learner-level.
  7. Keep microlearning efforts on-going. Use ‘spaced repetition’ (reiterations/refreshers) and ‘retrieval practice’ (quizzes/tests) capabilities of a microlearning platform to keep your workforce continually empowered.

People will love it once you keep your Compliance trainings relevant, adjust them, and improvise them using the analytics capabilities of your microlearning platform.

Let’s now move to how MaxLearn can make it easier for you to manage Compliance training with its transformative MaxLearn Method of Microlearning. Here’s a snapshot…

MaxLearn Method of Microlearning: Compliance Training Made Engaging!

MaxLearn Method of microlearning simplifies your Compliance training process.

TheMaxLearnMethod is all about easing the pain points of the learners, trainers and the business on Compliance training. It makes it so much easier for you to Integrate compliance into your workflow with MaxLearn’s AI- driven, risk-specific microlearning.

The MaxLearn microlearning platform brings together all the feature-rich functionalities and best practices to maximize your Training ROI.

Microlearning lesson related tasks are made easy, be it content creation in the microlearning format, delivering it to learners, or real-time monitoring of employees’ learning progress.

The technology is extremely effective in reversing the bane of the Forgetting Curve. Compliance related inputs become appropriately well-reinforced, recallable and usable in real work scenarios.

The techniques of spaced repetition of learning, adaptive learning and mobile-centric learning coupled with a gamified system of points and rewards makes Compliance training truly memorable and engaging for a learner.

TheMaxLearnMethod of microlearning gives you a competitive advantage by using- 

  1. an in-built AI powered authoring tool for effortless content development,
  2. personalized learning with a multi- dimensional approach,
  3. scientifically spaced content repetition for ensuring recallable learning.
  4. innovative gamification of learning, 
  5. risk-focused training comprising of complete automation of assignment of customized learning goals to individual learners, and
  6. real-time verification of the pursuit of all key parameters of the organization’s learning goals.

The result: a high & sustainable Training ROI. 

Does Microlearning for Compliance Training Make Good Business Sense?

Yes, it does! It’s simple- Invest Thousands, Save Millions!.

You not only get rid of the fear, instead, you build an organisation in which compliance comes as a way of life and where your employees transform into inspectors that keep the organisation resilient to Compliance mistakes. Prudent business leaders don’t hesitate to invest in equipping  their L&D team with the power of microlearning.

To conclude, integrating microlearning initiatives into your Compliance training significantly increases compliant behavior. This way, business disruption and PR nightmares are simply nipped in the bud!

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