Concept of Microlearning simplified!

In the new age of learning, HR managers in organizations are increasingly embracing microlearning tools to facilitate E-learning. High-performing organisations are more than happy to include microlearning training strategies that deliver results!

Microlearning modules for the workforce are small, powerful and sustainable. Plus, they are engaging, efficient and cost-effective! This is why L&D leaders are quick to adopt Microlearning as an effective and cotemporary training approach. It fits well with the minds and priorities of the new-age workforce!

To implement Microlearning strategies, let’s get down to understanding it better!

The concept of microlearning

  • Learner focused and attention grabbing
  • Teaching content in bite-sized (3-5 minutes) chunks when its needed the most
  • Has an extremely outcome-focused intent with specific learning objectives
  • Learner has complete control over ‘what they learn’ and ‘when they learn’. This means its flexible, and a learner can undertake their bite-sized training at their own time and pace
  • It does not hinder with learners’ schedule
  • Enables strong retention and sustained learning as it is done in ‘short bursts’ of high-impact information
  • It is based on contemporary needs of learners who enjoy and retain short bursts of information
  • These short bursts of information makes it engaging and easy to absorb


Is Macrolearning different from Microlearning?

  • Yes, MACROLEARNING enables a fully immersive learning experience
  • Macrolearning helps the learners deep-dive into a concept being learnt

How does Macro learning compare with Microlearning?

  • Both the styles of learning complement and reinforce each other
  • ‘Micro’, as well as ‘Macro’ learning, reinforce the learning process

Why are organizations increasingly adopting Microlearning?

  • It’s innovative and makes learning quick
  • Learning sticks in the memory better
  • Employees love it as it respects their core jobs, and gels well with their hectic schedule
  • With less time available in a working week, it’s the PERFECT SOLUTION for learning and development managers
  • It’s refreshing as you don’t have to stick to the chair for hours learning

Microlearning: the global way to absorb information!

  • People across the globe consume information on the go using smartphones
  • Microlearning enables mobile-friendly training
  • Mobile-learning and Microlearning are connected
  • With microlearning, you can breaks information into short bursts of 2-5 minutes
  • These short bursts of information on your mobile is easily accessed and absorbed!
  • Learning managers know that Microlearning is a smart way to break into short attention spans of workforce
  • Microlearning is a must for organizations with high employee attrition, and is like a much needed solution 

Microlearning in action

  • Microlearning platforms use innovative and engaging content formats
  • The content and experience must be akin to how social media platforms offer, where the users scroll quickly and are best engaged
  • It makes learning fun and convenient for end users
  • Learners will be able to quickly pick up or drop a ‘burst’ with ease
  • Formats that can be incorporated in various Microlearning platforms
    • Texts, flashcards, short paras
    • Images, illustrations, visual aids
    • Video explainers
    • Audio snippets- speech or music
    • Interactive videos
    • Quick quizzes and games to test learners
  • Microlearning is useful in various scenarios be it onboarding new hires, launching multiple campaigns like Occupational Health & Safety and 

The big benefit

  • Increased employee productivity and employee retention,
  • Increased pace of learning, and reduced learning cycle

Microlearning examples

  • Microlearning videos- These are short, focused videos. E.g. a standalone nugget with a single learning takeaway, explainer videos, interactive videos, lectures, animations, text- animations
  • Microlearning apps to give micro-lessons. E.g. Google, Youtube, HeadspaceLastingWord of the dayTED
  • Micro-challenges & games where learnings are scored at the end and include an award or incentives. E.g. Quizzes, polls, flashcards, Q&As, simulations, learner recordings to answer questions
  • Infographics focused on key points with a graphic visual representation of information/data, or knowledge

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