3 Things to know while driving change through microlearning

Microlearning is being taken up increasingly by L&D leaders as part of their digital transformation initiatives. Here are 3 things L&D managers need to know while driving change in the organization with

The customers for an L&D leader is every individual role with a set of job descriptions. Job roles are demanding and keep varying with every employee’s life cycle. The L&D leaders need to have a perfect grip on what the roles and responsibilities are. Once this is in place, the L&D leaders can optimize the learning methods. With lesser time availability with your workforce, and with the ongoing need for continuous up-skilling needs, microlearning solutions serve the purpose.

With known and unknown needs, creating a fixed roadmap is not easy for L&D leaders. With microlearning solutions, the time to respond to learning needs is less. The needs come randomly, and L&D leaders should be geared to deliver on them with efficient and effective microlearning platforms.

Having a clear picture of ‘how’ you can deliver on learning solutions makes the L&D prepared with ‘ad-hoc needs on the go! Plus, this can be done across the ‘learning needs’ life-cycle of all the learners in an organization.

Business leaders love a roadmap that caters to unexpected needs and contingencies. Microlearning serves as a weapon that helps cut through the chaff to deliver just that i.e. just-in-time, relevant, and effective learning modules.

So, a clear roadmap to learning is possible to cater to the unknown, unseen or unexpected learning needs. Businesses operate in a fluid environment, hence, the learning requirements also remain unpredictable in a disruptive business environment.

You can envision and deliver on learning needs quickly with microlearning platforms that are future-ready, shock-proof, and able to support swift-changing business needs. Continually updating and replacing ‘old material’ with new updates can be done easily with microlearning platforms. What’s more, the newer & multiple versions of learning materials can be quickly put up for consumption on the mobile devices of the workforce!

With microlearning, the business outcomes can be tied down to the learning approach. Plus, it’s NOT costly like lengthy and laborious LMS modules or arduous classroom sessions. Learning delivery and assessment of learning can be done with ease with microlearning platforms, depending on the content constraints.

A well-trained workforce helps win business battles with ease, and that’s where microlearning comes as a ‘power-booster’. Plus, the speed with which microlearning penetrates the learner’s memory is impeccable.

With microlearning content, you get an enabled, empowered, and well-equipped workforce within no time. The lead time of training delivery being short is the biggest reason why business results can be delivered efficiently.

With microlearning, you know exactly what to expect, what to deliver, and how to measure the results of your learning scenarios.

These are some basic things we need to know while driving digital transformation and change as ace L&D leaders. With microlearning, you can effectively and efficiently assess your organization’s learning needs, secure your teams’ readiness to face contingencies/challenges, create a learning roadmap fearlessly, and execute plans with complete control.

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