L&D managers globally driving implementation of ‘microlearning solutions’ for organizational success!

With many high-quality Microlearning platforms available, it is increasingly being adopted for the training of the workforce across the globe to deliver on business-critical goals!

Learning is time-consuming, and microlearning offers a potent solution for faster, better, and more efficient learning. Organizations today want to impart learning that’s efficient as well as effective. ‘Learning retention’ is the key result area to evidence this!

Experiential learning needs are also very well served with microlearning! Microlearning gives your learners respite from PowerPoint presentations in closed training room situations. You can engage your learners ‘online’ with a mobile device besides laptops and tablets!

microlearning solutions

Employees don’t feel trapped or suffocated in a classroom with Microlearning tools at their fingertips. Plus, it does not intrude on their daily job responsibilities.

New-age L&D managers are increasingly opting for microlearning solutions that are simply loved by employees as well!

1.Microlearning: to level-up learning and development programs

Microlearning solutions
  • Microlearning occurs in small, bite-sized chunks
  • This makes absorption of knowledge easy and quicker!
  • It is an effective alternative to time-consuming training programs and professional development programs
  • A microlearning session may last up to 5 minutes
  • A single topic is covered with usually a single learning objective

2.What makes microlearning a game changer?

  • Increased engagement for the learner
  • Learners get a respite from tedious classroom-based PowerPoint presentations
  • It is a known fact that people struggle to remain engaged with a trainer or speaker beyond 20 minutes
  • Keeping engagement high in the first 20 minutes get difficult with work-related obligations and work demands!
  • This is where the microlearning experience scores high! It’s SHORTER, MORE ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE, and RELEVANT!!

3.How can microlearning be made innovative and easy to learn for a user/learner?

  • By splitting training material into short, interactive chunks based on learning objectives
  • Segments in microlearning modules can be gamified
  • Passive to Active learner-involvement possible! A learner is made to participate rather than just observe!
  • Simulations: You can put your learners through multiple 5 minute microlearning simulations
  • Application Oriented: With simulations learners apply all that they have learned. Your learners can learn and practice things that they can apply on-the-job!
  • Targeted Learning: Bite-sized microlearning means more targeted training for your learner
  • Rather than sit tight and watch a PPT or hear a lecture, you get an immersive with microlearning
  • Straight to the point: You can get to the ‘relevant point’. Your learner gets to engage immediately with the needed learning content!

4. Benefits for user/learnermicrolearning solutions

  • Employee saves time by learning content that’s tailored to their needs. It is relevant!
  • They end up participating more actively in microlearning training!

Benefits of microlearning for trainers, L&D managers and top management

microlearning solutions
  • L&D managers can keep content updated and aligned to employees’ training needs at a low cost
  • High engagement leads to more takers for your training programs
  • Mental fatigue does not occur with the right, targeted and engaging content. Microlearning lessons mental fatigue
  • Helps reinforce key learning concepts with ease
  • Enables a learner to retain knowledge. Knowledge retention is better as ‘learning information’ moves from ‘short-term memory to long-term memory that stays in the memory for a long!

Microlearning solutions enhances L&D and organizational efficacy

  • ‘Knowledge learned’ is applied instantly
  • Microlearning gives results with the approach of ‘Use it, and NOT lose it!’
  • L&D spending gets lower, and results are better! This is like a sweet melody to any organization’s leadership!

Organisations hard pressed for time stand to gain much more with microlearning!

  • Besides reduced L&D spending, trainees/employees end up spending more time on the job with microlearning solutions at play!
  • Time-consuming retreats, classroom training, and seminars can be replaced or reinforced with microlearning solutions without compromising on results
  • Online method using a microlearning service provider’s product makes it cost-efficient
  • L&D managers can change and adapt much faster with microlearning solutions
  • Old and outdated pieces of training can be quickly and easily updated
  • Faster turnaround of essential training modules is possible with microlearning
  • Microlearning helps employees and learners get the information and knowledge faster
  • Increased productivity with superior skills is made possible with microlearning

Microlearning rules are high with high training effectiveness, greater employee satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. A win-win proposition for L&D leaders of high-performance organizations!

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