How Microlearning through MaxLearn Combats ‘Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve

forgetting curve
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What makes the MaxLearn Microlearning Platform revolutionary is the way it improves your Training ROI.
A key concept that MaxLearn deals with effectively to maximise the training ROI is the Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve. Many a time, people simply forget what’s learned within minutes! This is not just a pain point, but a huge risk for organisations world-wide!

MaxLearn maximises the Return on Investment in Training by consciously addressing four components of training ROI, viz.,

  1. sustainable knowledge growth leading to value for the training budget,
  2. rapid creation and deployment of microlearning content that makes the L&D unit efficient and cost-effective,
  3. functional empowerment of workforce through on-going knowledge, skill and capability enhancement, and
  4. effective engagement of workforce in learning without taking off from work and affecting business productivity.

To achieve the above, MaxLearn brings to you a microlearning platform that effectively targets Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve!

Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve

According to German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus’, people tend to lose memory very fast. Memory drops from 100% to 75% very quickly (within minutes). Sadly, only 58% of what’s learned remains after 20 minutes, 44% after 1 hour, and 33% remains after 1 day. Only 25% remains after 6 days.

So, it’s all about ‘short term memory’ failing to transform into ‘long term memory’!


You certainly don’t want 75% of your training content being forgotten by your learners within a week!

Ebbinghaus brought out in great clarity the factors that need to be addressed to avoid such loss of learning. While time itself is the biggest factor causing memory loss, he found that reinforcing training at key intervals of time is a powerful mitigating factor. It is also found that other factors like ease of learning, interactivity in learning, accessibility of learning and content that is relevant, interesting and engaging for learners also contribute greatly to knowledge retention.

MaxLearn incorporates each of these solutions effectively and comprehensively to mitigate the ills of the Forgetting Curve.

How MaxLearn Beats the Forgetting Curve

1. Spaced Repetition

Repetition strengthens memory! Spaced repetition at key intervals allows you to provide the same content to learners over a period time. This frequent repetition helps reduce memory decay and flatten the forgetting curve.

MaxLearn doesn’t just repeat a lesson mindlessly! The AI-assisted platform helps you space these repetitions at those key intervals of time where maximum learning is lost.

The MaxLearn platform helps jog your learners’ memory by making them recall what was learned a few days ago. This retrieval practice helps build memory through questions and tests, forcing the brain to pull out the information learned.

What’s recalled becomes more easily recallable in future. This way, the recalled information goes deeper into the learners’ long-term memory.

For instance, the questions (retrieval practice) can be repeated with appropriate spacing. Appropriate intervals of spaced repetition and recall can range from a few days to a few weeks depending on your learning needs. Your know that learner is on the right path when the tests/questions are answered correctly in each repetition.

Forgetting curve is eliminated when recall is made easy using MaxLearn’s platform.

2. Learning Made Easy

MaxLearn adaptively adjusts to your learner’s learning needs. It offers the most appropriate learning content, design, schedule, and learning options to cater to each learner’s needs. 

The AI-powered platform works on adaptive learning principle which allows your learners to first master and memorise their current information. Only then is the higher level of information introduced. This prevents the cognitive overload on your learners and makes learning an easy experience.

The MaxLearn platform is fully equipped to monitor the individual characteristics, performance, and unique developmental needs of learners in real-time. The platform makes learning personalized by adapting to the learning level and learning pace of each individual. 

Maxlearn’ s algorithm churns out timely questions of the appropriate level-of-difficulty as per each individual’s learning needs.

This is how learning is made easy with individualized strategies generated by the AI-powered MaxLearn platform.

3. Highly Accessible

MaxLearn makes access to learning easy with its anywhere, anytime and any device approach. People are busy in the daily schedules, and functional managers don’t want to lose manpower for long hours or days.

MaxLearn recognizes that a truly vibrant learning organization is one that uses technology and learning theories to its advantage to create and maintain a well-trained workforce.

With MaxLearn software, you can provide your learners with access anytime, anywhere! The platform is compatible to mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops, or many other computer devices.

MaxLearn is equipped with a multilingual feature to make it accessible worldwide to people speaking different languages.

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4. Gamification

Gamification makes learning fun and engaging, and that’s a forte of MaxLearn’s microlearning platform!

The platform allows you to add both motivational and psychological aspects to gamify the lesson.

Gamification includes storydynamicsmechanics, and technology.

Story is what the learner (as a gamer) experiences in the game. The rules of the game are defined by mechanics and implemented by way of dynamics. The entire gamification exercise is delivered through the use of aesthetics and technology.

forgetting curve

MaxLearn’s microlearning platform makes it very easy to integrate all these components into the microlearning lesson.

5. Rewards for Learning

Rewards motivate! And, anything that motivates reduces forgetfulness.

Win-Win learning: This is done through incentives and rewards that motivate your learner to partake in spaced repetition and retrieval practice tests, quizzes and games!

The win-win learning feature of MaxLearn promotes collaborative learning among team members. Points are earned for participation, not just for the right answers. This motivates the learner to engage with the platform more frequently.
Training managers can create squads/ teams from different departments, and design learning challenges that inspire them to work together for their common goal. Winning or losing is not just an individual achievement, but a group effort.

Rewards: Learners earn points, badges, and rewards for participating in each of the four modes of learning – Learning Paths, Certifications, Team Challenges, and Goals– based on their level of understanding, and can monitor their status real-time on the leaderboard.

Badges: Learners are awarded badges for achievements, such as getting a high score in a challenge, or achieving the learning level on a topic.

Leaderboards:  Learners can track their squad’s progress through leaderboards.

Nudge: Learners can also nudge their teammates to participate in the challenges.

6. Powerful Analytics Edge to Defeat the Forgetting Curve

MaxLearn goes much beyond merely providing performance data, completion status, and/or a score for learner’s assessments. It hits at the roots of forgetting curve!

The platform offers a detailed analysis on competency areas of each learner on an on-going basis.

Analytics that help and nudge you combat the forgetting curve include:

  • Competency status per topic
  • Knowledge gap per topic
  • History of each learner’s answer per question 
  • Time taken to answer each question 
  • Active feedback from learners on each question 

MaxLearn consciously targets the factor of human ‘forgetfulness’, and gives you a platform that comprehensively mitigates the risks and failures associated with it.

To conclude, MaxLearn deals with Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve factor very effectively and efficiently. And this gives you a terrific training ROI, besides a highly productive workforce.

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