How MaxLearn’s Maximizes Your ‘Training ROI’ with 5 Big Gains!

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Training ROI goes beyond simple metrics like completion rates and revenues. It’s far too important to measure benefits and business impact of the intangible elements like recall and retention of knowledge/skill/capabilities.

Every dollar spent on training an employee is expected to generate multiple outcomes. This can mean increased revenues, reduced costs, higher productivity, reduced errors, improvisations, improved customer satisfaction, and many other strategic/operational gains.

Training managers often find it hard to explain and justify Training ROI vis-à-vis costs.

This is where microlearning helps you deliver a measurable (data-driven), on-going, improving and sustainable Training ROI.

MaxLearn helps you overcome major training pain points and enables creation of a learning organization for enhanced business performance.

In this article, we shall talk about-

  1. What MaxLearn offers, and
  2. How MaxLearn helps maximize your Training ROI.

What MaxLearn Offers

Maxlearn’s microlearning platform is built upon the concepts of spaced repetition, adaptive learning, and engagining gamification strategies. With MaxLearn microlearning you can easily supplement, reinforce, augment and remediate your training initiatives. Let’s briefly delve into three critical benefits MaxLearn offers…

MaxLearn’s Promise: Fast, Fun and Effective

1. Fast

By being Fast, MaxLearn gives you a rapid development, minutes-a-session and quick-to-market advantage. It helps reduce your microlearning efforts with its AI Authoring tool (AI Author). Time to develop quality content is reduced when you are able to brainstorm and churn out great ideas. The result is tailor-made content suited to different learners.

The built-in authoring system helps you create microlearning courses rapidly.

The Fast advantage of MaxLearn simultaneously enables and empowers you (the creators), the top management (your sponsors), and the learners (your workforce).

2. Fun

The Fun factor inbuilt in MaxLearn’s platform is built upon the innate human urge to excel and seek rewards. When your employees have fun while learning, they get excited and motivated.

A motivated employee is a productive asset for your organization!

MaxLearn gives you a win-win gamification model to make learning fun. A learner gets points, rewards and badges for winning as well as for participating in the learning process.

The fun element is enhanced by the platform by making collaboration within teams easier. Team-spirit gets rekindled within a gameplay. Learners can even nudge each other to cooperate and participate in challenges presented in a microlearning module. Team members get involved and connected in a fun way!

3. Effective

MaxLearn’s helps you achieve effectiveness with 4 distinct advantages

  1.  No loss of productivity with learning on-the-go,
  2. Admin managers can easily measure and monitor individual learning performance,
  3. Powerful learning algorithm that caters to the interests of different types of learners,
  4.  Use of spaced repetition and adaptive learning to effectively and efficiently to overcome learners’ forgetting curve.

This means sustainable learning along with superior memory retention and recall at work!

The in-built knowledge reinforcement features of MaxLearn strengthens your learners long-term memory.

What’s learned with MaxLearn isn’t forgottena BIG win!

Effectiveness is enhanced by MaxLearn’s adaptive learning mechanism that offers you multiple options to learn, AI technology, and proven learning principles.

Every learner’s individual goals are matched to one’s job profile/description and ‘existing proficiency levels’. Things like the level-of-instruction, goal assignments, challenges and spaced repetition are always matched to each learner’sneeds and existing understanding-levels.

MaxLearn’s features like Learning path, Certifications, Team challenges, Quiz me and Individual Goals make the platform highly effective.

This enables customized and individualized learning for each learner!

Plus, MaxLearn’s powerful data analytics feature measures individual learning performance to data-intensive Training ROI. In fact, MaxLearn’s features make achieving your Training ROI easy!

Training ROI Skyrockets with MaxLearn

Training ROI drives organizational transformation by fostering a learning culture, empowering adaptable teams, and aligning skills with evolving business needs. MaxLearn comes to you with a powerful analytics inbuilt suite that gives you data and measurable results on each learner proficiency and expertise.

The proof of a terrific Training ROI is the high impact 5 big gains you get with MaxLearn

1. Attrition Control

With MaxLearn microlearning, you get to implement regular ongoing training and reinforcements. This clearly improve employee skills besides significantly reducing attrition rates. This is a critical benefit that speaks volumes about the Training ROI you get with a well-managed microlearning initiative.

MaxLearn helps you foster a culture of growth, recognition, and job satisfaction with your microlearning initiatives.

For your workforce it’s a great feeling when they get timely/relevant training inputs, reiterations and gamification based team learning snippets. With features like ‘individual goals’, ‘nudging’ and ‘spaced repetition’, each employee feels engaged and connected.

Each employee gets a feel of company’s genuine interest in an one’s personal development and career progression.

With chances of progression and opportunities for advancement made visible, attrition goes down. MaxLearn helps you connect with your workforce by building trust, job-satisfaction, sense-of-pride and greater-affiliation towards your organisation.

Training spends on microlearning become easily justifiable!

2. Optimal Use of Training Funds

By using MaxLearn microlearning platform, you are making a targeted investment and prevention of wasteful spending. This means plugging the cuts that bleed an organization.

MaxLearn promotes a targeted approach to individualized adaptive microlearning that’s tailormade to each learner’s need. This way, you get to avoid redundant or irrelevant content being forcefully flung at every learner.

This means you don’t waste their time, and earn your learner’s respect by being focussed.

The question each learner asks every training bit is– ‘what’s in it for me?’ and, ‘is it really relevant and helpful to me?’.

MaxLearn helps you make efficient resource allocation of your training budgets and learning content/design. The platform helps you deliver training in a timely and effective way.

With measurable outcomes investing in MaxLearn becomes a highly profitable proposition.

3. Creates a Learning Organization

Being a learning organization matters most! It’s a core competence that enables businesses to flourish in the long run.

MaxLearn helps create a learning culture where continuous learning, collaboration, and adaptability becomes possible. This gives your organization the capability to innovate and thrive even in a turbulent business landscape.

With MaxLearn, you get to build a sustainable ‘learning organization’ that’s high on ‘in-house expertise’. Consequently, you gain immensely by avoiding expensive consulting and external dependencies.

With MaxLearn, your strategic priority of learning and growth for each employee can be realized with ease.

With continuous learning, skill-levels are continually improved and enhanced. Transformation and change can be driven smoothly.

Your workforce becomes much more open to innovation, collaboration, cooperation, decision-making, engaging and problemsolving. These are hallmarks of a true learning organization.

The analytics suite of MaxLearn further empowers you to make data-driven improvements for each employee.

4. Improved Productivity, Engagement and Morale

MaxLearn has gone the extra mile to deal effectively with the ‘forgetting curve’ of Ebbinghaus. If 70% of what’s learned is forgotten within 24 hours, then microlearning and spaced repetition using MaxLearn promises to turn that weakness into a strength.

This improves productivity, engagement and morale of a learner.

With MaxLearn platform, memory that sticks is built in a structured manner over a period of time.

The fun learning element from MaxLearn along with the win-win gamification feature leads to greater engagement, higher productivity and a sense of pride!

When relevant skill development happens productivity, efficiency and expertise go up. When that happens, clear career paths becomes visible to each employee. As a result, frustration due to task related challenges also disappears.

The result? Enhanced job satisfaction, superior collaboration, fantastic teamwork, and handling of complex tasks gets easier!

5. Skilled Workforce: an Unbeatable Core Competency

Focussed skill development means nurturing deep/relevant expertise for every employee across levels. This results in superior workflows, marked reduction of errors, and lesser risks/accidents.

Your employee pool turns into a source of core competence when specialized skills are constantly learned, recalled and performed without forgetting.

This makes the people of your learning organization ‘valuable’, ‘rare’, ‘costly-to-imitate’ and ‘non-substitutable. With MaxLearn, your people will become your core competence giving you unbeatable strategic competitiveness.

You agility to respond to market shifts and emerging trends goes up exponentially.

Not to mention, you achieve the big intangibles like higher brand reputation, being known to foster skilled staff, and ability to attract top talent that further bolsters your competitiveness.

This way, MaxLearn helps you align and measure both tangible & intangible outcomes with your Training ROI.

Besides, a terrific Training ROI becomes a reality!

To conclude, MaxLearn’s gives you the ultimate tool to drive transformative growth! The platform is fast, fun and effective.

MaxLearn platform helps you achieve Training ROI through enhanced productivity, greater job satisfaction, superb adaptability, lower attrition rates, optimized training funds, competitive advantage, and strengthened core competencies of your workforce.

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