From CEO’s Desk – The MaxLearn Method: A methodology for an effective Microlearning.


The MaxLearn Method is all about creating a one-stop technology solution for effective microlearning in the form of the  ‘MaxLearn‘ platform by bringing together all the functionalities as well as their best practices for maximizing the ROI of training for each of its stakeholders.

It operates on the three principles of being Fast, Fun, and Effective and integrates them with every aspect of microlearning, namely the Creation of content in the microlearning format, Delivering the content to learners, and Verification of employees’ learning.

MaxLearn is a microlearning technology solution that effectively reverses the bane of Forgetting Curve and results in a reinforced and recallable learning by utilizing the techniques of spaced repetition of learning, adaptive learning and mobile-centric learning that is made motivating by a gamified system of points and rewards.

The MaxLearn Method goes beyond the general yardstick of reversing the Forgetting Curve by comprehensively addressing the pain points faced by the training industry in content creation and delivery, offering risk- focused and need based training at individual employee level, and real time verification of the organization’s learning goals.

The distinguishing features that constitute the MaxLearn Method for maximizing the effectiveness of microlearning are, inter alia,

1) an in-built AI powered authoring tool for effortless content development,  

2) personalization of learning with a multi- dimensional approach, 

3) innovative gamification of learning, 

4) risk-focused training comprising of complete automation of assignment of customized learning goals to individual learners, and  

5) realtime verification of the pursuit of all key parameters of the organization’s learning goals. 

AI-powered Content Creation:

MaxLearn comes with an inbuilt authoring tool to eliminate the need for resorting to an external authoring tool together with the consequent need for uploading each piece of content into the delivery platform. The built-in authoring tool is scientifically structured in the microlearning format to assist in the creation of effective content.

Further, MaxLearn leaps forward in technology by integrating with Artificial Intelligence to offer an AI-powered authoring tool that relieves the trainer substantially of the workload involved in the creation of microlearning content.

Formulation of the key learning points from a mass of content is the most difficult part in the design of microlearning content requiring a high degree of expertise and consuming a lot of time and effort. MaxLearn’s AI Author solves this critical pain point by generating any number of key learning points effortlessly and instantaneously. The AI tool is also scientifically structured in the same way as its conventional authoring tool and generates microlearning content like flashcards and questions and answers woven around the key learning points. Further, the AI tool is designed to generate questions and answers by following the methodology of Bloom’s Taxonomy to create an adaptive learning environment. 

Multi- dimensional Personalization of learning:

Personalization of learning is a multi-dimensional approach to learning which is often traded off with the limited offering of adaptive learning on the mobile phone medium. However, personalization requires much more of an effort for truly avoiding the epithet of one size- fits- all.

Personalization requires the risk-specific assessment of the knowledge of each topic for each individual learner depending on the requirements of his job profile in the organization. Only then can relevant and need-based training be assigned to each employee specifying the extent of knowledge required of him for each individual topic. Prioritization of learning of certain topics from the business risk point of view needs to be done differently for employees with different job requirements to make learning truly personalized.

Adaptive Learning method is another dimension of Personalization of Learning. Questions of graded difficulty levels viz., basic, intermediate and advanced are assigned to each learner to match one’s pace of learning and current learning level. 

Personalization is required to be extended to the field of gamification also to create a level playing ground for all the participating employees and avoid any feeling of alienation. This can be achieved for each of the learners by blending in the gamified approach the elements of a risk focused capping of learning competency and the level of learning difficulty required for each topic.

Further, options of different modes of learning should be available for learners to choose from depending on their learning style, mood and aptitude. Option of multiple learning devices viz., mobile, laptop, tablet and a multi-lingual option will finally round off the personalization package.

Innovative Gamification of Learning:

Learning happens in MaxLearn through gamified Team Challenges which blend team spirit with the personalization of individual learning. Gamification is so intertwined with microlearning as to realize learning as its main objective and not as a byproduct.

Gamification is not a standalone activity in MaxLearn for providing just the fun and relief element.  MaxLearn’s intelligent algorithm is designed to bring a learning focus to its gamification approach. It provides learning in all facets as adaptive, personalized, recallable, risk-specific, and engaging.

MaxLearn blends a risk-focused, need-based approach to learning with the individual’s level and pace of learning in its inclusive approach to gamification. 

Gamification is also designed as a Win-Win Challenge for each individual coupled with the added motivation of team spirit. It is a win-win competition because points and rewards are earned by every learner on the strength of the individual’s participation in the learning challenges, not just by winning the challenges. 

Automation of Risk-Specific Training:

Large organizations typically balk at the complexity of automating the assignment of risk-focused training to their workforce. High cost, the requirement of large manpower, and inadequate technical infrastructure are some of the constraints that lead to the indifference of top management to this key aspect of a relevant, need-based training. Lack of effective automation is another reason for the superficial attention received by this aspect of training.

Risk-Specific Training is not about the risk of forgetting the learning despite receiving appropriate training. The risk of the impact of the Forgetting Curve is a universal risk faced by every learner and this is effectively mitigated by MaxLearn by following the strategies of spaced repetition of learning, personalization of learning which includes adaptive learning, and gamification of learning. On the other hand, the risk of not providing the right training and in the right quantum is what is addressed by risk-specific training which ensures that learning is customized for each employee by providing relevant training in the right quantum which is dependent on the need-to-know of each employee.

Automation of Risk-Focused training is a key initiative that ensures that the training software evaluates the learning requirements of the different job profiles of employees and assigns a customized training to each employee that suits the employee’s job profile. Customization of training based on risk perception eliminates the common pitfall of the one-size-fits-all training, and leads to a better appreciation and engagement of the employees. Once the employees appreciate that training is tailor-made for their needs, their commitment to learning improves thereby warding off the forgetting curve.

MaxLearn’s intelligent algorithm captures the learning requirements of the different job profiles of employees. All that requires to be done is to select the relevant parameters so that a risk-focused and personalized training gets delivered effortlessly and instantaneously to thousands of learners based on each individual’s learning requirements irrespective of the size and complexity of the workforce.

Comprehensive Data Analytics

MaxLearn comes with comprehensive data analytics providing for real-time verification of all the key parameters of learning by each employee and at the level of each individual topic.

It measures not only the learning growth of employees but also the learning gap and the attainment of the organization’s learning goals at individual topic level. It serves as a living system of real-time assessment of the performance of every employee as well as the total workforce in achieving the organization’s learning goals.

MaxLearn’s approach provides a constant, real-time feedback loop to enable the administration to tune the organization’s learning strategy on the go for producing an informed workforce geared up for improving the business performance.

ROI for every stake-holder :

Ultimately, the MaxLearn Method is an effort to bring out a complete microlearning solution by harnessing power of AI and Risk-focused Automation to maximise the RoI of Training for each of the three stakeholders in the field of learning- the client company, the trainers as well as the learners.

ROI for the Client Company:

    •  Cost effectiveness in
        1. content creation by employing an AI authoring tool, &
        2. content delivery by full scale automation of assignment of risk focused training.
    • Real time data analytics monitoring the attainment of learning goals by the workforce
    • Realising value for every cent invested on training in the form of  a workforce equipped with recallable learning having long term memory

Empowering the Trainer: 

  • Effortless Content Creation: Utilizing AI Authoring Tools for Rapid & Relevant Content Development   
  • Automation for Personalized Content Delivery: Leveraging Full-Scale Automation for Customized Learning Experiences   
  • Automation for instantaneous assignment of Risk-Specific Training irrespective of the large learner base   
  • Real-Time Monitoring of learning growth, learning gap, and attainment of learning goals at individual topic level for each learner 

Empowering the Learner: 

  • Knowledge retention for enhanced business performance   
  • Customized learning experience with automation of Personalization of Learning to adapt to the individual style, aptitude and pace of learning   
  • Integration of Risk-Specific Training with Personalization of Learning to avoid the struggle of One-Size-Fits-All   
  • Innovative Gamification: Dovetailing Gamification to Personalized learning for better Engagement and creating a level playing field for participants and blending Team Spirit and Competition   

In short, the MaxLearn Method ensures that MaxLearn is the go-to technology solution for any organisation which requires an informed workforce that is equipped with readily recallable knowledge for better business performance. 

MaxLearn for Maximum Learning 
MaxLearn for Maximum ROI 

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