5 Benefits of Implementing MaxLearn in Your Training Programs 

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When you seek benefits from a microlearning platform, it must address the question- ‘what’s in it for me?’ The MaxLearn’s microlearning platform makes it easy for you to deliver training ROI with 5 hard to ignore benefits. 

Delivering training ROI is extremely challenging given the pressures of time, targets and competing expectations. You are expected to deliver on a range of expectations from multiple stakeholders.  

Your workforce seeks just the right dose of training- neither too much, nor too less! They seek training that’s relevant, timely, short, and engaging. Else, they are quick to get bored!   

Your senior leadership team demands ROI well within the training budget. Reducing the cost of content creation assumes a lot of importance. You are expected to be a wizard who can continuously maintain a workforce that’s highly productive all the time!  

Your middle managers, on the contrary, don’t want their workforce gone for long training hours. Ironically, training for many managers is an important activity, yet a roadblock that keeps people away from work. 

As a training manager, you are therefore pulled in multiple directions. 

This is where MaxLearn’s microlearning platform helps you perform your role strongly and with conviction! 

Let us explore the benefits of using MaxLearn’s adaptive microlearning platform to gain from its cutting-edge advantage. 

5 Unbeatable Benefits with MaxLearn

MaxLearn is more than just a microlearning platform. The benefits from this feature-rich platform speak for themselves! 

1. Targeted at Pain Points

Built on adaptive learning, the MaxLearn platform helps you customize the modules to each learner’s needs! Being adaptive means that it builds upon the strengths, weaknesses, preferences and learning-needs of a learner.

MaxLearn platform boasts of-  

(1) a scientifically structured manual content creation tool, and also 

(2) an AI-driven authoring feature that helps you generate content as per your requirements. 

Besides this, MaxLearn helps you overcome the major pain points

  • Long time to develop a microlearning module/snippet. 
  • Loss to business productivity due to time-intensive training hours. 
  • Problem of ‘one-size fits all’ microlearning platforms that don’t cater to unique/individual learning needs.
  • Not having a microlearning platform that makes learning engaging/motivating. 
  • Not having a learning platform that targets the dreaded ‘forgetting curve’ for each learner. 
  • Absence of a powerful reinforcement and retention mechanism in your microlearning platform. 

MaxLearn platform is focussed on the learning goals of each learner. It follows an approach that is tailor-made for each learner and does not leave behind any laggards in the workforce. 

2. It’s Fast

By being Fast, it gives you rapid development, minutes-a-session and quick-to-market advantage. Being fast means that you don’t waste time to deliver your microlearning lessons.   

Here’s how- 

Empowered by the AI content assistant (Acue), your time to develop quality content is reduced remarkably. Generating a comprehensive list of key learning points, learning cards, and questions of different difficulty levels becomes so much easier and quicker!   

You also get a scientifically structured authoring tool that rapidly creates microlearning courses for you. Making a well-defined structure of categories, subjects, topics, KLPs, learning cards, and questions can be done with great ease.  

The Fast advantage of MaxLearn caters to the creators (training team), the sponsors (top management) and the learners as follows:

  • For creators, MaxLearn cuts short the time required for content development drastically. With its twin-advantage of manual as well as AI powered content-creation tool, any content can be created in a flash! 
  • With its quick-to-market advantage, MaxLearn enables trainers to churn out multiple courses and rapidly expand their training portfolio. 
  • The management gains a well-informed workforce that is enabled to overcome their knowledge gaps very quickly! 
  • For a learner, these byte sized snippets are relevant, engaging and fit for quick consumption on-the-go!
  • The ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning advantage makes the reach instantaneous.

Being Fast gives you a competitive advantage that favors your company’s bottom line. Your speed of thought and execution of training initiatives are complemented with MaxLearn’s microlearning platform. 

3. It’s Fun

The Fun factor in MaxLearn platform invokes the innate human drive to excel in public, the urge to seek rewards and the impact of team spirit on individuals. It gets your learner involved and engaged with what one learns. 

Fun with a ‘Win-Win’ Gamification Model

MaxLearn offers a ‘Win-Win’ gamification model by way of ‘Team Challenges’ that helps your learners enjoy learning through collaborative gameplay. Learners get inspired to compete and excel in team-based learning assignments. The platform instils positivity through team-spirit in gameplay.

How does the Win-Win concept Really Happen?

It’s simple – Win-win gamification is not aimed at just winning or losing but at increasing the participation of learners in the learning process. This is achieved by awarding of points with equal weightage for both participation and winning. That’s why it’s not just about getting the answers right. Higher participation matters too!  

 In a team driven microlearning gameplay, every learner will be motivated to improve the team’s image by his contribution. No one likes to be at the bottom of the list in a leaderboard. 

The Fun part keeps getting better with MaxLearn, especially, when learners get to earn points and badges while engaging with microlearning gamification assets. Learners also get to track their learning performance through leaderboards.

Learners are also enabled to nudge each other in team play to cooperate and participate in challenges. Social interaction through nudging influences the peer behavior, and gets each team member involved and connected. 

The results?

When employees have fun while getting empowered through learning, they tend to give their best to their job as well. It also begets a healthy atmosphere at work, higher sense of projects/work, higher productivity, higher employee participation & contribution, self-driven willingness to change/transform, and a rekindled team spirit. 

4. It’s Effective

Five outcomes that lead to MaxLearn’s effectiveness are-  

  1. Learning without losing productivity at work. Learning on-the-go without taking off from work. 
  2. Effectively Monitoring and Measuring  every individual’s learning performance is made easy for Admin managers with the help of an exhaustive analytics module. 
  3. It boasts of a powerful learning algorithm and offers multiple ways of learning to cater to the interests of different types of learners. It responds to each one’s unique situation, preferences, learning styles and moods resulting in sustainable learning
  4. It’s well established that 60% of your training budget is wasted without knowledge reinforcement because 70% of learning is forgotten within 24 hours. MaxLearn mitigates this loss of training budget by employing adaptive learning and spaced repetition methodologies effectively and efficiently to overcome the forgetting curve which is the bane of all the traditional learning methodologies.  
  5. Rapid creation of microlearning courses by utilising the options of the scientifically structured conventional authoring tool and its AI enabler makes training very cost effective.  

Features further explained… 

What Makes MaxLearn Features Effective?

  • Adaptive learning mechanism by which MaxLearn’s algorithm generates questions suited to the learning level and pace of each individual learner.  
  • MaxLearn offers multiple learning options in the form of Team Challenges, Individual Goals, Quiz Me feature, Learning Paths and Certifications. The variety in learning options helps to capture the interest of different learners at different points of time depending on one’s spontaneous mood and situation.  
  • Cutting edge AI technology, data analytics, and proven learning principles based on neuroscience techniques. This enables customized learning for each learner. 
  • Use of bite-sized nuggets of learning using Flash cards to enable quick learning in the flow of work. 
  • Learning Goals is an advanced feature of MaxLearn whereby:
  • Every learner gets individual goals based on his work and Job Profile. 
  • The level-of-instruction always matches a learner’s current understanding-levels.  
  • Each learner gets enabled to accomplish the learning goals at his own pace and convenience.  
  • Slow-learners are taken care of 100% by filling their learning gaps effectively. 
  • The algorithm employs the technique of Spaced repetition to eliminate the ills of Ebbinghaus’ ‘forgetting curve’ factor. The challenges and goal assignment functions help you build and reinforce long-term memory for your learners. 
  • Accessible through any device (mobile, laptop & tablet), real-time synchronization, and multi-lingual support.  

Besides these, you can also host long e-learning videos, audios and webinars on MaxLearn’s platform.  

5. Loaded with Powerful Analytics Capabilities

It is a known fact that ‘whatever gets measured, gets done!’  

MaxLearn gives you unbeatable control over a sound measurement system by giving you a complete handle on how individual learning of each learner is progressing. A detailed analysis on each one’s competency status and extent of mastery on a range of microlearning modules is made available to you. This comprises of: 

  • Tracking the learning growth and competency status of each learner at each learning level per topic.  
  • Measuring the learning gap of each learner for each topic at any point of time. You get to know how your learners have answered each question, test, assessment or quiz they ever participated in.
  • ‘Time taken per question’, ‘active learner feedback’, and learner’s engagement based on each one’s platform utilization.
  •  ‘Active Learning Feedback’ system that enables your learners to provide comments on questions, allowing you to correct, enhance and improvise upon the lessons and questions/tests you administer. 
  • range of panels of the analytics suite like the engagement overview, learner engagement, assignment engagement, knowledge gaps, and learning card views. 
  • Access to dashboards given to learners as well as managers to track individual knowledge growth.   

MaxLearn’s analytics capabilities give you valuable insights to make your learning initiatives qualitative and also numbers-driven! 

To conclude, the benefits of MaxLearn’s platform give you a terrific training ROI, and peace of mind!  

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