Making smart microlearning lessons using ‘what, why, how’ construct!

Microlearning gets very simple and convenient for explaining a process by using ‘WHAT, WHY, HOW’ scroll down design! A microlearning tool can be used very efficiently for processes and situations that call for a practical and linear process requiring updating or upskilling your workforce.

With WHAT, the learner gets a clarity of what’s being spoken about, and gets to understand the objective/expectations.

With WHY, the learner gets convinced about the reasons, and the ‘what’s in it for me’ question!

With HOW, a clear path to successful execution is laid out for the learner!

When your microlesson is based on this construct, your learner gets to easily scroll down the page to get all the right answers!

Construct of ‘what, why, how’ exemplified

Let us take the example of a garment company where the retail staff (store sales team) across the globe need to learn about the importance and task of managing a ‘queue’ at the billing counter.

L&D Objective:

The company wants the retail staff to know how difficult it is to get customer foot-fall, and by NOT managing the queue at the billing counter efficiently, the company runs the risk of losing business as well as stand poorly on customer experience!

Let’s explore how you can devise the scroll-down page as an L&D instructional designer…using the WHAT, WHY, HOW format for the hypothetical example cited here…

How To Manage a queue in your store

Managing a queue in your store helps improve a customers waiting experience, optimize the availabilty of cashier, and reduces response time in billing fast!

The result- you sell more, bill more, and your customers are happier too!

Scroll down to make a head start…

Why manage a queue efficiently?

Getting customers to walk into our store is not easy!

Once your pick the merchandise, you don’t want them walking away WITHOUT BILLING due of billing QUEUES and feeling UNWELCOME!

Customers walking away is frustrating! Let’s put a STOP to it by managing queues!

Achieve your monthly sales targets with smart queue management!

Get your customers coming back to your store for more!

Scroll down to know How to manage a queue efficiently?

How to manage a queue efficiently?

You can efficiently manage queue with just 3 simple steps!

Scroll down to know HOW! Become a winner!

Why will your learners love a microlesson like this?

The content can be customised based on real solutions and content.

This microlearning example is indicative, and shows you how to upskill your learners in one-go by showing the right reasons and the right steps.

  • Here you are training on a simple, linear process. So, a practical short scrolling page with focus on WHAT, WHY & HOW gets to the point without wasting time!
  • A scroll-based design helps explain a straightforward solution on a single page!
  • This makes it easy-to-digest and holistic for the learner
  • Content arranged in structured visuals and headings makes for easy navigation (scrolling). Browsing gets easier with a scrolling page
  • The interaction time for each section is only one or two minutes!
  •  This makes the microlesson relatable and manageable
  •  One can always come back for a quick refresher later on!

Similarly, effective microlessons for various linear and straightforward scenarios can be created easily using templates provided in the microlearning platform!

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