Microlearning snippets for ‘on-the-job’ support to improve performance!

Microlearning works very well to provide on-the-job support and improve employee performance! According to the popular learning and development 70:20:10 model, 70% of learning is from workplace learning, 20% from informal or social learning, and 10% from formal structured learning.

That is how important on-the-job training is in the corporate set-up.

Each ‘on-the-job’ microlearning nugget focuses on a single learning objective. They are highly effective to boost employee performance as they make it very easy for learners to retain, remember, and apply their knowledge/skills at work. They also enable learners to practice and simulate real-life situations. The variety of microlearning formats that are available today and the fact that they are very mobile friendly, make them the ideal choice for training managers everywhere.

How microlearning enables ‘on-the-job’ support

When employees need quick help to perform a specific task, microlearning helps them hit the ground running, providing just what they need, at the right time.

These learning nuggets can be used in a variety of ways such as short explainer videos, infographics, flashcards, animations, or GIFs, etc. They can also be used as refresher training and performance support to help increase the effectiveness of formal training interventions. Delivering microlearning modules in spaced intervals after the training will also help negate the dreaded Forgetting Curve.

Microlearning can be very effective in difficult on-the-job scenarios such as new product launches, product updates, process modifications, among other things.

Explaining the ‘on-the-job’ snippet with an example

Let’s assume you are an L&D manager in a smartphone manufacturing company needing to train your salespeople. As they work in globally dispersed retail outlets, and are constantly in the field and on the move, they cannot really spend a lot of time on training. 

So, what are the possible scenarios where these sales personnel will need the support of microlearning? 

  1. One of your smartphone models has been upgraded, and obviously your salesperson needs to know what exactly the upgrade is about, its specifications, etc.  
  2. Your company has managed to fix some problems/bugs in an existing mobile device. The issue can be corrected by simply downloading a certain software from PlayStore/AppStore. And this must be made known to your salespersons!
  3. Your salespeople also need to know how your smartphone model compares with those of the competition. To pitch your phone to potential buyers, he or she needs to have this information at his or her fingertips. Your microlearning job aid can help them refresh their memory before they meet with potential clients as such information is very difficult to remember and retain.

These are just a few of the ways ‘on-the-job’ microlearning can help your salespeople improve their sales and the ROI. 

Here’s an example –

This example of an ‘on-the-job’ microlesson of a smartphone product information shows how it can support the salesperson by providing the firepower to win a ‘battle of comparison’ vis-à-vis competition! Another example of a useful microlesson is with scenarios to train on handling objections from customers better.

Why will your learners love such a microlesson?

  • Concise and slick, with only relevant ‘need-to-know’ content
  • Different formats and designs
  • Useful as an on-the-job reference guide
  • Additional just-in-case info
  • Ability to access the learning on-the-go
  • Accessible on your salesperson’s smartphone, tablet etc.

Similarly, effective microlessons for various on-the-job scenarios can be created with the help of templates provided on the microlearning platform!

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