Are You Struggling with Microlearning That Fails to Deliver? Join Our Exclusive Webinar Series

Are You Struggling with Microlearning That Fails to Deliver? Join Our Exclusive Webinar Series

Microlearning that fails to deliver is a common pitfall in the training industry.

Professionals apply microlearning techniques, yet often miss out on their true transformative

The Power of Effective Content Creation: Microlearning is more than just chopping up longer courses into smaller chunks. It’s about creating concise, coherent, and impactful content based on solid instructional design principles.

The Power of Effective Delivery: The success of microlearning hinges not just on what is taught, but how it’s delivered. Techniques like spaced repetition and adaptive learning are essential, ensuring that learning extends beyond mere acquisition to effective retention and application.

Join our insightful 3 part webinar series to explore

Webinar Titles & Dates:

Webinar 1

Design Dynamics: Why Microlearning Is More Than Just Slicing of Long Courses

Date: February 28th

Learn about the latest trends in creating effective microlearning content. We’ll delve into strategies that go beyond merely breaking down lengthy courses, ensuring your content is impactful and retention-focused.

Webinar 2

Delivery Dynamics: How an Effective Delivery Platform Is the Heart of Microlearning

Date: March 6th

Discover how to beat the forgetting curve with spaced repetition and personalized learning. See how a Microlearning Delivery platform should ensure content is not just delivered but absorbed and retained.

Webinar 3

The MaxLearn Method: How AI and Automation Make Microlearning Effective

Date: March 13th

See how MaxLearn addresses the challenges of infrastructure, resource and funding constraints in the creation and delivery of effective microlearning and how it employs AI and automation to solve them and make learning fast, fun and effective.


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