MaxLearn is built to be

Fast: Rapid Development, Minutes-a-session and Quick to Market

Fast in content creation and updates with an AI-Authoring tool to compliment the in-build microlearning authoring tool
Fast in deployement with Automated Assignments of Risk-Specific training
Fast in learning with minutes-a-session
Fast in verification with real-time reporting system.

Al Author

Reduces the time for developing quality content by a factor of 10. Generates microlearning content in the form of flash cards and questions of different difficulty levels for any topic and subject using Key Learning Points as the building blocks. You have the option of using exclusively in-house training content.

Built-in Authoring Tool

Built-in authoring system designed with a well-defined structure of categories, subjects, topics, KLPs, learning cards, and questions that allows for rapid creation of microlearning courses.

Flash Cards

MaxLearn’s built-in authoring system allows users to create decks of Learning Cards, which provide bite-sized information on key learning points, incorporating terms, concepts, or questions related to a topic.

Automated learning assignments

Get the right training to the right people by microtargeting content to learners through departments, job roles, hire dates, or any other attribute of a learner’s profile.

Quick authentication through SSO

You can use your company’s authentication method to allow user access without the burden of maintaining different passwords.

Access anywhere, anytime and with any device ​

MaxLearn can be accessed through laptop, tablet and mobile. The system has real-time synchronization; you can start on one, and finish on the other.​

Multi-Lingual Support for an Inclusive, Global learning Experience

MaxLearn is an inclusive platform catering to the global clientele who speak in different languages. It allows users to choose their preferred language from a list of available options. This way, users can have an inclusive learning experience.

Join the AI revolution in learning with MaxLearn

Join the AI revolution in learning with MaxLearn

FUN: Enjoy learning through collaborative gameplay

Have you ever wondered why simple games like Solitare, Angry Birds ™, or Candy Crush ™ are addictive?  
Humans are hard-wired to seek rewards, competition, and teamwork. MaxLearn applied this natural drive to seek reward and support their team in the learning process. Instead of flinging angry birds or crushing candy, learners play with content in short bursts of learning to earn points and badges for themselves and their team. 

win win learning

Win-Win Learning

MaxLearn delivers learning through team competition to inspire learners to work for their common goal by collaborating in learning.
It is a Win-Win learning for all as players earn points for participating in the gamified learning, not just for the correct answers.
reward learning

Reward Learning

Learners earn points, badges and rewards motivate them and incentivize their participation in the different modes of learning – Team Challenges, Goal Assignments, Learn Paths and Certifications in which they are given content suited to their level of understanding.

Earn badges

for achievements, such as getting a high score in a challenge, or increasing your learning level on a topic.



Learners monitor their status real-time on the leaderboard and track their individual and team progress. 



Learners invoke team spirit by nudging their teammates with notifications to cooperate and participate in challenges. 

Unlock the power of microlearning with MaxLearn

Unlock the power of microlearning with MaxLearn

Effective: Incorporating cutting edge AI technology, data analytics, proven learning principles and empirical neuroscience.

MaxLearn utilizes proven adult learning theories to ensure that information is transformed into recallable learning in the most efficient and timely manner possible. 

Adaptive Learning Algorithm

Our adaptive learning algorithm adjusts the difficulty level of questions based on a learner’s performance, ensuring the instruction they receive always matches their current level of understanding.

Spaced Repetition of Key Concepts

Information is quickly forgotten if it is not reinforced. Through our Challenges and Goal Assignments functions, content is reviewed at periodical intervals based on scientific principles ensuring information is passed on to long-term memory.

Multiple learning methods

1. Challenges:

MaxLearn’s primary instructional strategy  is microlearning through spaced repetition of key content adapted to suit the learning level of each individual learner. This is delivered through ‘Team Challenges’ which consist in offering a few questions a session and a few sessions a week.

2. Learning Goals

Learners are micro-targeted by assigning appropriate learning goal for each topic commensurate with the knowledge-gap risk they face based on their job profile. This feature enables the learners to identify and plug their knowledge gap in each topic to mitigate the associated risks. 

Learning Path

3. Learning Path

Learning paths, comprised of questions, learning cards, existing courses, videos, and other media, that can either be assigned to learners or accessed as self-directed learning.

4. Certifications

Certifications are assessments designed to evaluate a learner’s knowledge, skills, and abilities in a particular subject area. In Certifications, trainers pick specific questions, arrange the questions in a particular order, and set a passing score.

Analytics that Measure the Success of Training

Most learning management systems provide minimal performance data, such as when a course was launched, and completion status. At best, you get a score. MaxLearn offers detailed real-time analysis of the learning growth as well as the learning gap for each learner based on the individual risk criteria and their achievment of learning goals.

Real-time verification of knowledge growth

MaxLearn measures learner’s knowledge both before and after a Challenge or Goal Assignment through reports and thus verifiable progress can be monitored and measured over time.

Tracking Learner Engagement

 The analytics offer a range of panels, including Engagement Overview, Learner Engagement, Assignment Engagement, Knowledge Gaps, and Learning Card Views, which give valuable insights into learners’ performance and engagement with the platform.


Both managers and learners are given access to dashboards, which track individual knowledge growth.

Active Learning Feedback

Gathering feedback from learners is critical for effective training. MaxLearn’s Active Learning Feedback feature enables learners to provide comments on questions, allowing instructional designers to swiftly identify and correct any errors or incorrect questions.

Unlock your learning potential with MaxLearn

Unlock your learning potential with MaxLearn

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