Because of your experience as a learning leader, you are invited to join MaxLearn Beta release. MaxLearn is a microlearning platform that uses spaced repetition, adaptive delivery, and gamification techniques to address the challenges encountered in corporate training. Our approach combines established adult learning theories with state-of-the-art AI technology to create training that is fast to create, easy to complete, precise, effective, and fun. 

What Does Being a Beta User Mean?

As a Beta User, you will receive complete access to the MaxLearn Platform as an Administrator and Learner. This includes accessing the Admin Console, Learner Web App, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Additionally, your account comes equipped with baseline compliance training, 30 sample learner accounts, and the ability to invite an additional 50 users. 

With MaxLearn Beta you can generate content using our AI Content Assistant, create and assign personalized training through our adaptive delivery methodologies, track learner progress and learning growth. 

What are the Next Steps?

Please fill out our sign-up form to provide us with the necessary information to create your account.  

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