Are You Struggling with Microlearning That Fails to Deliver?

[Webinar Series]

Are You Struggling with Microlearning
That Fails to Deliver?


Explore how AI creates effective content Instantaneously and effortlessly by:

    • Creating microlearning content from the customer’s inhouse content
    • Generating  Key learning points by following instructional design principles
    • Generating Learning cards and Q&A supporting the KLPs
    • Generating Questions of graded difficulty levels for adaptive learning

Explore the power of Automation for Effective Delivery by integrating:

  • Risk-Specific, need-based training 
  • Personalization of learning
  • Gamification of learning 
  • Adaptive learning
  • Spaced Repetition of learning 
  • Real time data Analytics on learning growth, Learning gap and achievement of learning goals

We invite you to our exclusive 3-part webinar series that addresses these core elements:

Webinar -1
Design Dynamics:
Why Microlearning is More Than Breaking Apart Large Courses

*Get Free Training ROI Calculator to evaluate your training after the Webinar.

Webinar -2
Delivery Dynamics:
How an Effective Delivery Platform is The Heart of Microlearning

*Select attendees to get Free AI Authoring tool to explore the technological edge in content creation.

Webinar -3
The MaxLearn Method:
How AI and Automation make Microlearning More Effective

*Select attendees to get a Free Trial of MaxLearn to realize the full potential of  Microlearning.

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Jeff Hrusko

Chief Product Advisor  
A proven and passionate Instructional Designer, Technologist, and Talent Development Leader, with deep experience providing innovative learning and communication solutions to various companies and industries. His learning design philosophy is simple – the right training, at the right time, and by means best suited to the learners’ needs.

Murali Krishna

Founder & CEO 
By dint of his long experience in the L&D domain, he pioneered the development of MaxLearn as a complete  AI-powered microlearning platform which maximizes the ROI to every stake holder. He designed the MaxLearn Method as the methodology for developing MaxLearn as a one-stop solution for effective microlearning.
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