[Webinar Series]

Are You Struggling with Microlearning That Fails to Deliver?

[Webinar Series]

Are You Struggling with Microlearning
That Fails to Deliver?


As a training professional, do you feel your microlearning approach is just scratching the surface? Are you missing out on the twin major planks of microlearning?

    • Power of Effective Content Creation:  Microlearning is all about crafting concise yet instructionally sound content not just cutting down lengthy courses into smaller parts, real. Learn how AI is taking over this domain!


    •  Power of Effective Delivery: The essence of microlearning’s success lies in its delivery. Techniques like spaced repetition and adaptive learning are crucial to ensure that learning is not just absorbed but retained and applied over time. Learn how automation of assignments makes risk focused training and personalization of learning happen effortlessly irrespective of the size of the workforce. 

We invite you to our exclusive 3-part webinar series that addresses these core elements:

Session -1
Design Dynamics:
Why Microlearning is More Than Breaking Apart Large Courses

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Session -2
Delivery Dynamics:
How an Effective Delivery Platform is The Heart of Microlearning

*Select attendees to get Free AI Authoring tool to explore the technological edge in content creation.

The MaxLearn Method:
How AI and Automation make Microlearning More Effective

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Jeff Hrusko

Chief Product Advisor  
A proven and passionate Instructional Designer, Technologist, and Talent Development Leader, with deep experience providing innovative learning and communication solutions to various companies and industries. His learning design philosophy is simple – the right training, at the right time, and by means best suited to the learners’ needs.

murali krishna Murali Krishna

Founder & CEO 
Murali Krishna is an ardent votary of the potential of digital learning to improve employee performance. His deep-rooted interest in e-learning propelled him to found MaxLearn LLC and pioneer the development of an AI-powered microlearning platform that enables organizations to leverage the power of bite-sized learning to drive employee performance.

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