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Are You Struggling with Microlearning That Fails to Deliver?

Design Dynamics:
Why Microlearning is More Than
Breaking Apart Large Courses


Agenda for Webinar:

Discussion on pain points 

  • Ignorance of design principles leading to unscientific and ineffective content creation 
  • Expediency versus quality: Challenges in creating meaningful KLPs, Flash Cards, and Q&A 
  • Underutilization of technology: The role of AI in turbocharging microlearning 

Rethinking Microlearning Design:

  • Scientific Approach: To move Beyond Just Segmenting Content 
  • Integrating Instructional Design Principles: Utilizing Concepts like Bloom’s Taxonomy and Adaptive Learning 
  • AI Integration for Rapid Content Creation: Based on the principles of instructional design in microlearning 

Practical Application of Delivery Principles:

  • Showcasing how MaxLearn addresses the above challenges


jeff hrusko Jeff Hrusko

Chief Product Advisor  
A proven and passionate Instructional Designer, Technologist, and Talent Development Leader, with deep experience providing innovative learning and communication solutions to various companies and industries. His learning design philosophy is simple – the right training, at the right time, and by means best suited to the learners’ needs.

murali krishna Murali Krishna

Founder & CEO 
Murali Krishna is an ardent votary of the potential of digital learning to improve employee performance. His deep-rooted interest in e-learning propelled him to found MaxLearn LLC and pioneer the development of an AI-powered microlearning platform that enables organizations to leverage the power of bite-sized learning to drive employee performance.

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